Investors Academy 2017

One can feel, that the investors scene is developing and increasingly more people become active business angels. For this growing target group, the aaia created a new event format that allows the participants to get a taste of the business angel world and learn all skills needed to make first deals confidently. The Investors Academy […]

Health Uncovered – Digital Health is sexy!

The health industry. Ages old and forever known as an inflexible state-led domain. But times are changing even for this verticle and we wanted to cover all important developments for our members in the event”Health Uncovered”. It was the first episode of our new event series “Vertical Uncovered”- an industry-specific format that we organise together […]

Mit der Investors lounge in die Sommerpause

Trotz der sommerlichen Temperaturen haben zahlreiche aaia Mitglieder den Weg zu unserer letzten investors lounge vor der Sommerpause im Juli & August gefunden. Das Event im Impact Hub Vienna wurde unter anderem bestimmt von dem Kampf Ventilator gegen Akkustik. Aber dazu später mehr. Input unserer Partner Spannender Input kam von der Startup300 Familie, die ihren […]